The Engagement Index helps associations evaluate their engagement tactics and better understand their relationship strength with customers and members from around the world.  The 2016 Global Engagement Index (GEI) benchmark is based on the combined power of fifteen leading associations spanning multiple industries and sectors.

Based on proven methodology associated with customer experience and loyalty measurement approaches, the Index:

  • Assesses current overall performance levels with members and customers
  • Measures the relationship strength as an indicator of behavior of members and customers
  • Identifies drivers of value among members and customers
  • Evaluates relevant touch points that define customer experience
  • Identifies relevant product / service areas in order to retain or even increase loyalty

The benchmark highlights actions for associations to improve their global relevance, business strategy and operational performance and indicates the current level of engagement according to the Index score.

Findings, interpretations, activation strategies, and best practices or learnings will be shared at the exclusive, by invitation-only Global Engagement Summit.


 The Engagement Index is developed, produced and researched by:



The fifteen associations participating in the Global Engagement Index 2016 span nine industry sectors and professions including engineering, healthcare, supply chain, ICT, financial management, quality assurance, facilities, automation and manufacturing.